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Silent Retreats & Meditation Intensives








The Forgiveness Experience

A 7-day Silent Retreat in beautiful

Central Frontenac

September 30 - October 6, 2024

Who it's for:

Participation in this "experience" requires dedicated time, commitment and a willingness to expose fearful beliefs and heal the mind. As such, we encourage applicants who are:

  • open-minded

  • willing to expose and share thoughts in a private and group setting

  • prepared to take full responsibility for their state of mind and life

  • ready to commit to doing "the work" (application of forgiveness requires a significant daily time commitment during this experience)

What is the "Forgiveness Experience"?

  • The Forgiveness Experience begins with a virtual weekend Orientation where participants can expect to learn more about how true forgiveness works and heals using the foundations of A Course in Miracles

  • You will get access to forgiveness templates that will guide you to the thoughts and beliefs that are shaping your experience and that require forgiveness

  • During the retreat, you will get the time and support to apply the forgiveness process to any and all perceptions that are currently stealing your peace

  • To support your experience, you will get ample access to private 1-1 coaching sessions as well as daily group expression sessions

What is Forgiveness?

Traditional forgiveness focuses on trying to let someone else (or ourselves) off the hook for what we think has been done to us or by us. We believe that in order to make peace with our life, we have to accept what has occurred and stop dwelling on past hurts.

Although in theory this approach seems logical, it's premise comes at a heavy cost. If you believe you must accept that something or someone else has wounded you in some way, it puts you in the position of victim and paints the world as cruel and threatening. Consistent peace of mind is impossible when we believe that we are at the mercy of a chaotic world, and as a result we feel like we are riding on a rollercoaster. Happy when things around us seem to be working out and devastated when relationships ends or sickness appear. It is an exhausting way to live. But there is another way to be in this world, and the practice of true forgiveness offers just that. 

​​The true meaning of forgiveness according to "A Course in Miracles" (ACIM) is letting the whole world off the hook, in essence. It's coming to understand that the source of all pain and unhappiness is in the mind, not in the world. As such, the source of all joy and happiness is also in the mind, not in the world. Realizing this is forgiveness itself!

True forgiveness, as taught by ACIM is learned with the help of our inner guide.  When I am willing to hand over all of my judgments, beliefs and expectations about anything to this inner guide, I open my mind up to a new perspective.

It's a miraculous thing when we suddenly stop and realize that what is actually hurting us is our own thoughts, judgments and interpretations. It's a miracle each time we are guided to see how it is our very thoughts, perceptions and beliefs that are literally being projected from our mind out onto the world we see. The miracle recognizes that the mind is causative - always - and that the world is the effect. It invites us to point the searchlights for freedom and peace in the only appropriate direction - towards the mind.

About our Venue:

The backdrop for our retreat is a beautiful castle-like lodge situated on a private peninsula on Big Gull Lake in Central Frontenac...only 1 hr and 30 minutes from Ottawa. 

This private peninsula property (named one of the best cottages in Ontario by Conde Nast Traveler) boasts 2,000 feet of shoreline and a 4,000 square-foot modern building, surrounded by forests and shimmering lakes. Cozy up by the stone fireplace and take in the 270-degree view of Big Gull Lake, the heart of Ontario's cottage country. 

Large living and dining spaces, six bedrooms and six bathrooms, sweeping outdoor decks, two fireplaces, a yoga room, sauna room and so much more.....

  • Wander through vast stretches of untouched wilderness. 

  • Have a conversation with the loons.

  • Rest and go deeper into the heart of silence.

Why Silent?

​Silence will be practiced with all participants during the retreat experience, with the exception of group workshops, expression sessions and satsang. Those retreating with a partner, will be encouraged to practice meaningful communication during specified times of the retreat, to create the space for thoughts and feelings that have been buried to be exposed and healed. This can initially feel challenging, even for the most introspective among us, but more often it is not. More often we come to realize how hungry we have been for silence, meaningful communication and connection and realize the experience is one that is long overdue.

Think of a silent retreat like an expedition that takes you vertically into your own Mind and Heart. The destination, if you’re patient enough to get there, is a place of compassion for all aspects of yourself and others, and that’s a reward that’s worth the journey.

Your Retreat Includes

  • Six-nights and seven-days of shared accommodations (two/room) at The Point - Big Gull Lake Executive Lodge in Central Frontenac 

  • Dail movement, meditation and programming to support the retreat experience

  • All meals prepared with healthy and fresh ingredients (dietary needs/restrictions of participants will be lovingly reflected in the preparation of meals)

  • Ample time to explore the surrounding miles of untouched beauty, walking trails and pristine Big Gull Lake

Things to Consider

  • A willingness to actively attend and participate in all retreat programming is so essential! 
  • Cell phone use should be kept to a minimum
  • Novels, games, hobbies and personal projects should be kept at home

Rooms & Rates 

  • $1700 includes shared accommodations, 6-nights/7 days, all meals and snacks, daily programming and workshops, 1-1 coaching, unlimited sauna access + 2 day workshop preceding the retreat to prepare you for the forgiveness work

Refund/Cancellation Policy

In the unfortunate event you cannot attend the retreat for which you are registered, the following policies will apply.

If you cancel more than 60 days prior to the retreat:
A $200 administration fee/deposit will be forfeited but the remaining balance of your fees will be refunded to you. 

If you cancel less than 60 days prior to the retreat and cannot fill your place:
You will forfeit the entire amount paid. In the event that you cannot attend the retreat but know of someone who can take your place, you can transfer the full amount of your fees paid to the 3rd party, on condition that we are notified promptly by both parties of this transaction. Filling your spot is ultimately your responsibility, and although we will do our best to fill out spot, we cannot guarantee it will be filled. 

If we cancel a retreat:
We will refund you all funds you have paid to date for that event.

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