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About us

The anchor represents the stable part of our being that when cultivated allows us to brave any storm and carries us surely to safety.

Drop Anchor is a recognized leader in the delivery of non-dualistic mindfulness, meditation and yoga programming in the Ottawa-area. We specialize in trauma-sensitive programming for individuals and corporate groups experiencing acute, and chronic stress, as well as injury (including acquired brain injuries).

We have extensive expertise in the delivery of formalized mindfulness, meditation and yoga programs to organizations and government departments that face increasing levels of performance pressure due to the nature of the work they do, including but not limited to, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Health Claims for Auto Insurance, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and Pathways to Independence.

We offer virtual, in-person and mobile programming to individuals, organizations and community groups across the Ottawa-area, including Lanark County and Horton Township. 


Yoga, meditation and mindfulness can offer profound support during difficult life transitions and events. Our approach is gentle, therapeutic and compassionate. We are fully insured and certified Yoga Instructors through Canadian Yoga Alliance. We are also a certified Meditation & Mindfulness School and are registered as such through Canadian Yoga Alliance.

Did You Know?

We are proud to be listed as an authorized health care facility by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and Health Claims for Auto Insurance, making direct billing for insurance claims easy and efficient.


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