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Hamsa G!rls Yoga Series

-Starting in January 2019


In this day and age, I cannot think of a more important thing then to support the positive development of young girls, teaching them how to love themselves more fully - body and all - and helping them to understand that this (self-acceptance and support of one another) really is the key to happiness and peace. Planting these seeds in young minds early on leads to a different tomorrow ~ an empowering future.


Connection. Encouragement. Friendship. Self-Love. Yoga.



Join the HAMSA G!RLS yoga program for girls ages 6-12. Every Saturday, starting January 19th with Andrea + Carey. Alternate weekend option available.


Register online here:

Self Mastery Winter Meditation Series

- Starting in January 2019 

meditation winter photo.jpg

This is an intimate program combining meditation, spiritual mentorship, weekly readings and powerful exercises for those who are looking to deepen their spiritual practice.


This program takes a practical and concrete approach towards training the mind to see the world differently, while at the same time, removing guilt, happily releasing fear, differentiating between illusions and reality, living forgiveness and abiding in greater Love. Specific meditations and readings for helping to heal the mind will be provided, based on teachings from A Course in Miracles. You do not need to read the book or have any prior knowledge to participate in this workshop.

The Program consists of:

• 9 x 1-hour meditation classes with satsang/spiritual group mentorship 
• Weekly at-home study meditations, readings and exercises emailed to participants

Limited enrollment: 12 students


Dates: Jan. 20/ 27, Feb. 3/10/24, Mar. 3/10/24/31
Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm
Cost: $160 +HST 


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