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Building a Psychologically Safe Team

Psychological Safety is a big buzzword right now in the workplace!


What do we mean by psychological safety? Psychological safety is the belief that you won't be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes. It is a key enabler of high-performance teams and fosters an atmosphere in which people fearlessly engage, question, experiment, and deliver value rather than fearing, blaming, and spending time protecting themselves.  


Creating psychological safety among team members is transformative when implemented carefully and thoughtfully.


Drop Anchor has created a series of 6 interactive workshops, delivered virtually or in-person, that helps team members and leaders develop the skills for growing psychological safety in themselves, their teams, and within the broader organization. 

Our approach to trauma-sensitive mindfulness and yoga therapy is unique and effective. It is modeled after the latest evidence-based research about the healing practices that are most effective to recover fully ffrom chronic stress and trauma. 

We have extensive expertise in the delivery of formalized mindfulness programs to organizations and government departments that face increasing levels of performance pressure due to the high-profile nature of the work they do, including but not limited to, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Health Claims for Auto Insurance, and Pathways to Independence.

We offer 8-16 week Corporate Mindfulness Programs that are tailored to meet your organizational needs. Our programs empower employees with mindfulness tools and education to inspire effective leadership strategies, improve decision-making and collaborative processes, increase workplace psychological safety and reduce employee absenteeism and burnout rates.


Contact us for more information about our Corporate Mindfulness Program and rates:

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