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Be Anchored:

A Mindfulness Program for Teens

We help teens break the addiction to the negative thoughts that keep them feeling stuck, anxious, limited and down.


How do we do this? It's very simple. Our thoughts give way to

our feelings. If we practice the same thoughts and feelings

for long enough, this results in a mood or a state of being

that can feel impossible to step out of.  But with just a little

willingness and practice, we can use the same power of our

thoughts and feelings to begin to step out of unhealthy

patterns and into emotional and mental habits that feel so

much more uplifting.

Be Anchored Session Options:

  • 1-hour in-school presentation. Our presentation and delivery are chock-full of inspirational and novel approaches (backed by science) to being happy now. Students will learn how they can start to change their experience and reality to create the life they really want - regardless of the personal struggles and circumstances they are currently facing.

    • $499 + HST​

  • Small Group Sessions (in-school): group sessions accommodate up to 15 students and are an ideal way to support students struggling with motivation and/or anxiety. We teach mindfulness strategies backed by science that work quickly to eliminate anxiety (in as little as two days). We offer an 8-week series to help reinforce learning. 

    • ​8-week small group series: $2000.00 + HST ($250/session).​​

Contact us today to find out more: 613-220-1789 or

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